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Frida is exactly what your bun needs this season! It is the bushiest and the most distinctive oversized bun scrunchie you’ll ever wear!! Each item is handcrafted mostly from dead stock textiles and fabric scraps sourced & designed in Europe by our creative team.




Dive into a realm of creativity, where each bunchy celebrates the power of being authentically you. Join us on this journey and unleash your inner confidence.

“Bunchy is more than just an adornment for your updo, it is a canvas of creativity. Handcrafted sustainably, it embodies the beauty of conscious fashion, inspiring you to shine as you unveil your authentic self to the world.”

– Vivid Vivid Studio



Uniquely designed, upcycled & multifunctional, oversized bun scrunchie.


Bunchy's special design that consists of 4-6 layers of fabrics, ribbons, lace and frills allows it to embrace its bushy appearance.


Each bunchy is uniquely handcrafted from mostly fabric scraps and deadstock textiles sourced by our creative team in Europe.


Another sustainable feature of bunchies is their versatility - you can wear them as hair, hat, pony tail or bun adornments or as neck and belt accessories.


As you explore our collection of Bunchies, you'll discover the stories behind each name, uncovering the journeys of courage, resilience, and determination that have left an indelible mark on the world.

Each Bunchy is a testament to the power of believing in oneself and persevering through challenges. With every frill and stitch, you are invited to embrace the legacy of these extraordinary women and carry their spirit with you.

Let each piece serve as a reminder that you, too, have the strength to shape your path and make a difference, one day at a time.

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