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14k & 18k Gold Plated on 925 Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil

All our Gold Vermeil pieces have a base of 925 sterling silver plated with a thick layer of 14k or 18k gold. Gold vermeil pieces are stamped with the 925 mark to indicate the sterling silver purity. ’Vermeil’ is created by electroplating the sterling silver with gold, that is a chemical process that utilizes an electrical current to bind the two metals together and makes the jewellery very durable.

Care Tips:

You should always store all your jewelry pieces separately in a sealed container like our jewelry box or pouch, so that they don’t scratch. Remember to keep your chains and bracelets fastened to prevent them from tangling.

Our gold vermeil jewelry should be kept in a dark, cool and dry place. With time and wear, sterling silver could naturally become oxidised and eventually tarnish. Thus, we recommend storing vermeil jewelry in a sealed bag or box that keeps out the air that causes oxidation.

Unfortunately, gold vermeil is not waterproof. If you wish to keep your favorite pieces shiny and lasting, please avoid contact with water by removing jewelry when bathing, showering or swimming. You should also avoid direct contact with perfume, body lotion or other chemicals.

18k Gold Plated on Stainless Steel

Did you know that stainless steel is 100% recyclable? Vast majority of stainless steel is manufactured using previously recycled materials, making stainless steel one of the most environmentally friendly materials within the entire jewellery industry!

Majority of materials used in the making of our jewelry collection are comprised of recycled stainless steel.

Additionally, stainless steel doesn’t oxidize or rust, which makes it a very durable material. Our special PVD gold coating allows our stainless steel pieces to be waterproof, tarnish resistant, resilient to sweat and regular wear compared with standard gold plating.

This way we can ensure that our jewelry can be worn anywhere for a long time.

Care Tips:

Although stainless steel is resistant, it is best to avoid contact with chemical to keep it shiny and lasting. You may use mild washing liquid (a drop in warm water) and wipe it with a soft cloth.

14k & 18k Gold Plated on Brass

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, which is then coated in a thin layer of gold. Gold plating gives the metal a beautiful, lustrous appearance while also protecting it from tarnishing.

The durability of gold plated brass depends on how often you wear the pieces and how well you take care of them. If you take good care of your brass-plated jewelry, it could last for many years. 

Care Tips:

To keep your gold-plated brass jewelry looking shiny and protect from tarnish, store it in a cool, dry place and avoid exposing it to chemicals or cosmetics. Clean it gently with a soft cloth when necessary. With correct care, your gold-plated brass jewelry will stay gorgeous for many years.

Enamel Coating on Brass

Care Tips:

Keep your enamel coated pieces away from harsh chemicals, perfumes, detergents and chlorine, to keep them looking new and vibrant. You may wipe and clean it with a damp gentle cloth only and store in a dark and cool place to prevent damage. Avoid swimming in salt and chlorinated water.

Freshwater Pearls

Care Tips:

We recommend that you clean your pearls after each wearing. Simply wipe with a soft cloth, microfiber jewelry cloth or chamois, either damp or dry, to remove any skin oils or dirt. To prevent scratches, store your pearls in a soft cloth away from your other gemstones and accessories.

Cubic Zirconia

If you're looking for attractive and sparkly jewelry, cubic zirconia is a very good environmentally friendly option. Indeed, CZ has a smaller carbon footprint and doesn't not contribute to deforestation or negative ecosystem impacts. Our jewelry collection features AAAA quality grade cubic zirconia crystals in white and black color.

Care Tips:

You should clean your cubic zirconia jewelry carefully with a soft, non-abrasive cloth and store them away from your other gemstones and accessories.